RelaxHammock, the mini portable hammock that relieves muscle tension in your neck

RelaxHammock, the mini portable hammock that relieves muscle tension in your neck
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Has your stressful day in the office brought about a tense and painful neck ? Try RelaxHammock, the convenient mini apparatus that relaxes your muscles and eliminates neck pain.

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Do you consult your physiotherapist regularly in order to soothe your pains and unblock your neck? Do you find your visits are more and more frequent and you can no longer afford the treatment? Using RelaxHammock for just 10 minutes each day is enough to eliminate tension, safely.

#1 No need to suffer from chronic neck pains 

The majority of the population spend the day in front of a computer screen and as a result suffer from neck pain. The stress recorded throughout the day can cause painful migraines and the neck to become blocked. With RelaxHammock you will be able to relax and eradicate muscle tension, wherever you are!

RelaxHammock is a portable hammock-shaped device on which to rest your neck. It eliminates all the pains, discomforts, tensions and frustrations of everyday life. Its design helps soothe the pain by effectively stretching the neck's muscles.

Take RelaxHammock everywhere with you! It's perfect after a long trip, exhausting hours in the office or even when you unwind after arriving home.

#2 The neck traction system that stretches the neck

RelaxHammock is a device with a suspension strap that relieves and relaxes stress and fatigue in the neck.

Adding resistance onto the strap from your body weight brings about deep stretching of the neck muscles. The tension is released and your muscles become completely relaxed.

This mechanism improves blood circulation, stimulates the nervous system and oxygenates the neck. The tensions in your neck, shoulders and spine are thus totally relieved.

RelaxHammock is a patented technology that effectively treats disorders caused by stress, anxiety, nervousness and restlessness. Use daily for just 10 minutes and your neck pain will disappear.

#3 The soothing aid you can use wherever you are

RelaxHammock is equipped with comfortable cushions at each end, reinforced support at the neck and a pleasing headrest. You choose the length of the strap, and it can be adapted to people all ages experiencing neck problems.

Rest your head in your RelaxHammock and experience an incredible feeling of relaxation.

How to use?

1) To install it, several options are possible:

- Wrap the strap around a raised fixed object

- Lock the strap behind a door hinge

- Hang the strap on a doorknob

2) Tie the elastic to the strap

3) Lie down and rest your head in the headrest

4) Relax for 10 minutes each day and eliminate all your muscular tension

Useful information

RelaxHammock does not require batteries or recharging.

Regular use of RelaxHammock is a great way to relieve the tension to which muscles and ligaments around the spine are subjected to every day.

Easy to clean: it is advisable to wash it once a month.

Never use chlorine, alcohol, bleach. Wash RelaxHammock in warm, soapy water.


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Only 11 left in stock - 328 already sold today!

Normaler Preis €69.80 Sonderpreis €34.90